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In this section you can find best practices on volunteering for social inclusion through sport in the Mediterranean Region collected through the project partners, i.e. how youth and civil society organizations make use of sport activity as a tool for social transformation with a focus on intercultural and inter-faith dialogue, equality and peace, peace and conflict resolution.

Odyssey started as an initiative led by a group of young Lebanese sports volunteers who teamed up to develop an association with the goal of using volunteering through sports as a way to develop mutual understanding, respect and promote a peaceful and better world. After noticing that many sports organizations in Lebanon lack the human power in their events and many sports management students graduate and lack experience, and moreover these students are required to accomplish volunteering hours in order to graduate with no luck in finding opportunities, the team realized that there is a need for a platform that supports these sports organizations and offer young sports enthusiasts life-changing opportunities.

Within the framework of the International Volunteer Forum 2019 in Sochi, Russia, Save the Dream has organized, jointly with Future Team - an international movement bringing together prominent young leaders and professionals from 180 countries - a special event to discuss the role of youth in sport volunteerism both in the context of major sporting events and “sport for development and peace” projects. The four-day Forum brought together over 6,500 participants from all over the world who shared their experiences in implementing successful volunteer initiatives and pave the path to future collective efforts, including but not limited to sport volunteerism. The International Volunteer Forum is the event of the Russian Federation conceived to promote the role of youth in society through different forms of volunteerism, with a view of further promoting national and international policies in this domain.

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Marc Vandenplas, FISU Summer Universiade Director (International University Sports Federation): “Welcome to all volunteers of Napoli 2019! Your passion, commitment and skills will be the key of success of the XXX Summer Universiade. Cooperation, respect and perseverance are the core universal values of sport. FISU is honored to have you all representing and sharing these values with participants from all over the world. Hoping this will be a life changing experience, we thank you all!” 

The Guide on Volunteering for Social Inclusion through Sport is based on an extensive mapping exercise collecting experiences and best practices among a wide array of stakeholders. We need your contribution to reach the widest possible audience, providing details and information on your direct experience. Join the EYVOL community and share your experience on sport volunteering by filling the questionnaire below on policies and good practices:

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You will contribute to build the Guidelines on Best Practices that will be published in this section!
Furthermore, do not hesitate to share the questionnaire with any Local Organizer: all contributions are welcome and much appreciated!


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