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This section contains action plans to empower initiatives on social development through sport with a customized approach, based on innovative educational tools for various target audiences, including - young sport volunteers, young leaders as well as civil society activists.

The EYVOL project has launched a global call to participate in its first virtual training course "Volunteering for Social Inclusion and the Development of Skills For and Through Sport".

EYVOL is a transnational and multi-sectoral cooperation initiative co-funded by the European Union within the Erasmus+ programme, involving partners from the Olympic Movement, United Nations, Academia and Civic Society.

The main objective of the training course is to empower young volunteers to carry out volunteer activities using sport as a tool for social inclusion and to develop transversal-skills for employability. EYVOL’s tailor-made course is structured in eight different modules.

The requirements to attend the online training were to be 18+ years of age, fluent in English and interest in sport volunteerism and volunteering in sports organisations and activities.

For questions please contact Christina Chachamidis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In case you were not selected to participate in the first virtual training course, or you did not know about it before, you do not need to worry! In this section you can access the learning materials being presented.The course is divided into eight modules and will be published weekly until the first week of May 2021.

Follow the Training timeline, click on the available links to access the learning materials:

Module 1


Monday 1st session: 22/03/2021
Thursday 2nd session: 25/03/2021
Module release: 26/03/2021

Module 2


Monday 1st session: 12/04/2021
Thursday 2nd session: 15/04/2021
Module release: 16/04/2021

Module 3

Supporting personal development through sport

Monday 1st session: 19/04/2021
Thursday 2nd session: 22/04/2021
Module release: 23/04/2021

Module 4

Health enhancing physical activity

Monday 1st session: 26/04/2021
Thursday 2nd session: 29/04/2021
Module release: 30/04/2021

Module 5

Working with socially disadvantaged/vulnerable groups

Monday 1st session: 10/05/2021
Thursday 2nd session: 13/05/2021
Module release: 14/05/2021

Module 6

Designing programmes and accessing funding

Monday 1st session: 17/5/2021
Thursday 2nd session: 20/05/2021
Module release: 21/05/2021

Module 7

Recruiting volunteers and promoting volunteering events

Monday 1st session: 24/05/2021
Thursday 2nd session: 27/05/2021
Module release: 28/05/2021

Module 8

Volunteering at major sporting events

Monday 1st session: 31/05/2021
Thursday 2nd session: 03/06/2021
Module release: 04/06/2021


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