In case you were not selected to participate in the first virtual training course, or you did not know about it before, you do not need to worry! In this section you can access the learning materials being presented.The course is divided into eight modules and will be published weekly until the first week of May 2021.

Follow the Training timeline, click on the available links to access the learning materials:

Module 1


Monday 1st session: 22/03/2021
Thursday 2nd session: 25/03/2021
Module release: 26/03/2021

Module 2


Monday 1st session: 12/04/2021
Thursday 2nd session: 15/04/2021
Module release: 16/04/2021

Module 3

Supporting personal development through sport
Monday 1st session: 19/04/2021
Thursday 2nd session: 22/04/2021
Module release: 23/04/2021

Module 4

Health enhancing physical activity
Monday 1st session: 26/04/2021
Thursday 2nd session: 29/04/2021
Module release: 30/04/2021

Module 5

Working with socially disadvantaged/vulnerable groups
Monday 1st session: 10/05/2021
Thursday 2nd session: 13/05/2021
Module release: 14/05/2021

Module 6

Designing programmes and accessing funding
Monday 1st session: 17/5/2021
Thursday 2nd session: 20/05/2021
Module release: 21/05/2021

Module 7

Recruiting volunteers and promoting volunteering events
Monday 1st session: 24/05/2021
Thursday 2nd session: 27/05/2021
Module release: 28/05/2021

Module 8

Volunteering at major sporting events
Monday 1st session: 31/05/2021
Thursday 2nd session: 03/06/2021
Module release: 04/06/2021


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