Fútbol Más

Fútbol Más was born in 2007, in Chile, when the founders joined their different life experiences and visions of society to propose the creation of a social-sports intervention that would reach different corners of Latin America. The first Fútbol Más program was born in 2008, a pilot version of the program was implemented in five neighborhoods in Santiago, Chile. Today, Fútbol Más is present in 115 neighborhoods, child protection residences, schools and emergency areas in 11 countries (Kenya, France, Haiti, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Mozambique, Chile and Spain), working with 25,000 girls, boys and young people.

Our mission is to promote the well-being of children and young people by strengthening resilience, meaningful relationships and community cohesion through play and sport, while our vision is centered on the words community, happiness and inspiration.

Fútbol Más uses a sports resilience methodology to address the needs of vulnerable communities around the world, giving them the opportunity to realize their personal potential in benefit of their well-being and that of their communities.

Through a social sport model, Fútbol Más addresses issues experienced by children and adolescents that live in vulnerable contexts. In vulnerable communities, children are deprived of their fundamental human rights and exposed to issues and risk factors which threaten their physical and mental health development. These issues and risk factors include; social exclusion, economic poverty, normalised violence, drug trafficking, low quality education, lack of opportunities, unemployment, crime, sedentary lifestyles and dysfunctional family systems.


Aitor Hernández

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