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The National Olympic Committee of Portugal is the maximum governing body of the Portuguese sporting system. It is a non-profit and nongovernmental organization that, besides organizing and leading in exclusivity the national delegation to the Olympic Games, has several other statutory powers in advocacy, promotion and development of the Olympic Movement and sport in general, in accordance with the Olympic Charter, namely:

  • Safeguard the observance of sports ethics in the framework of competitions and in the relations between sports people and the community;
  • To encourage the dissemination of the cultural, educational and social values of Olympism;
  • Encourage, enhance and support training and education of sports people and their leading role in the community. 

Currently, the National Olympic Committee of Portugal takes part in 6 Erasmus + Sport projects as a partner organisation, building expertise in the areas of Integrity, Financial Literacy, Education and Volunteering trough the following projects:

  • Empowering Youth Volunteers through Sport in the Mediterranean Region /EYVOL
  • Single Points of Contact for Sports Integrity / POINTS
  • Education Through Sport – Shaping Role Models for the Future / SRM
  • Athletes Friendly Education / AFE
  • Investments in Sports for a Healthier European Society / iSport
  • Training on Protected Reporting for Proffessional and Grassroot Sport /T-PREG

Moreover, the NOC Portugal has built up extensive expertise in the areas of integrity and good governance. The following elements are worth to mention in this regard:

  • The NOC of Portugal created an Assistance Office to the Associative Movement to provide consultancy and advise on good governance to sport federations and other members in the following areas: legal and regulatory framework, fiscal and financial issues, communication issues and marketing;
  • The NOC, under Portuguese sport law, must be consulted to analyse and issue an opinion about the legal conditions to sports federations acquire the sports public utility statute, whereby they get public support to their activities and the recognition of the state to exercise public powers on regulatory and disciplinary areas;
  • The NOC of Portugal has been partner of the ‘Support the Implementation of Good Governance in Sport’ (SIGGS) Project. Within these project activities, it was held a Workshop to launch the self-evaluation tool in October 2015 and a National Strategic Workshop on Good Governance for federations in May 2016; The NOC of Portugal has also signed the pledge of good governance of the EU Commission stressing the need for compliance to the principles and the engagement in the SIGGS Project;
  • The NOC of Portugal has a seat in several expert groups and task forces committed in implementing best practices and meet highest standards in good governance and integrity, notably as founding member of the Sports Integrity Global Alliance, the IOC’s expert groups in the framework of the International Forum on Sports Integrity and in the Sports National Council where these decisions are voted among several other issues about the governance of sport organisations.

Joao Paulo Almeida
National project coordinator
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Joana Goncalves
Project manager
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