Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne is the leading French university center in all disciplines: Economics and Management, Arts and Humanities, Legal and Political Sciences.

Following the events of May 1968, the University of Paris was divided into 7 new universities, on the initiative of the academics themselves. At the instigation of Professors François Luchaire (Law), Henri Bartoli (Economics) and Hélène Ahrweiler (Human Sciences), the University Paris 1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne) was born in 1971 from the grouping of a part of the Faculty of Law and Economics (Pantheon) and part of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (Sorbonne).

Since its creation, Paris 1 has seen its student population increase by 50% and the proportion of postgraduate students is constantly increasing. This growth, accompanied by the emergence of new disciplines (Economic and Social Administration, Applied Mathematics for Social Sciences), has necessitated the allocation of new premises that have increased the capacity of reception and the dispersion of the University: Holy Center -Charles for the Visual Arts (1973), Tolbiac Center (today Pierre Mendès-France (1973), Center for Historical and Legal Research of the rue Malher (1972), Center René Cassin for the first cycle of Law (1990) , House of Economic Sciences (1998) for Research in these disciplines and Center Broca, where the Institute of Business Administration was set up in 2001.

Laurent Vidal, project manager
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Audrey Gahery, project coordinator
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